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A Vermont Morgan Horse Breeding Facility striving to produce the perfect Morgan.

American Morgan Horse We are located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. The same Green Mountains where Justin Morgan himself roamed over two hundred and twenty five years ago. Many of those historical locations are in our area and can be visited today.
Are you looking for a Morgan Horse that is extra special? A Morgan Horse that has a show attitude yet is smart, sensible and can do many things? A Morgan Horse that will love people and love to be handled, groomed and clipped? A Morgan Horse that will grow to be a wonderful show horse yet take you down a wooded trail on a crisp autumn day? If beauty, wonderful disposition and attitude are what you lust for...WE HAVE JUST THE MORGAN HORSE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! CLICK HERE!

Morgan Foals And Horses For Sale

Quality Morgan Horses and foals for sale. If we don't have it we can find it!

Morgan Horse Farm Owning a Morgan Horse can be one of the best experiences of your life and we can help you find that special Morgan. Everyone has different needs when it comes to horse ownership. Some people want a Morgan Horse that may be all trained and ready to ride while others may take pride in their ability to train their own Morgan. Even still their are those who want to own a Morgan mare and have the experience of training their very own Morgan foal. Contact us for Morgan breedings, Morgan foals, Morgan brood mares, Morgan show horses or Morgan trail horses. In hand, under saddle, in harness, at show or on the trail. If you have a Morgan mare and want to breed her to produce your own Morgan Horse, please take a look at our stallion, DENLORES DESERT STORM. Breed to a Champion Morgan and start a little storm of your own!!!

Breeding & Stallion Collection

Stallion phantom training and collection services for ALL BREEDS!

Vermont Morgan Horse Farm We not only collect our own stallion but we also provide stallion collection services to outside stallions of all breeds. We have trained everything from the Morgan to the Icelandic to our breeding phantom. In many cases we have also trained the owner to handle their stallion and become involved in the semen collection process as well. Many of our clients unload their stallion, get him collected and back on the trailer with an Equitainer in their hands ready to ship in less than an hour. Remember, not all stallions will collect this nicely and that the training process may take several visits depending on how forward or shy your stallion is. We understand that breeding is expensive in today's equine industry that's why we offer ways for you to save money getting your stallion collected and mares in foal.

Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line.

Justin Morgan And The Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line!